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Yes, it’s all about the captivating world of balloons, from stunning décor and props to an array of possibilities. However, it encompasses much more than meets the eye. Start your entrepreneurial journey with this unprecedented  and comprehensive business opportunity in balloon artistry training and business support, right from the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on The Balloon Academy’s incredible business opportunity in balloons.

Understanding the nuances of running a successful balloon decorating business goes beyond simply knowing how to tie or inflate a balloon. It requires effective planning, strategic thinking, and a deep comprehension of the distinction between price, value, and cost. Always be mindful of the influences you allow into your entrepreneurial journey, as they can significantly impact your success. At the balloon academy, everyone involved has years of experience in the industry as approved NABAS instructors, retailers, decorators, wholesales and manufacturers. Our knowledge and expertise is based on every day implementation, and a full and grounded understanding on our industry and what works, as well as what doesn’t.

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In today’s fast-paced world, we are bombarded with noise and distractions from every direction. By filtering out the unnecessary and honing in on proven techniques and strategies, the path to success becomes clearer. Join a community of like-minded balloon professionals who are experts in their field, endorsed by industry leaders such as Qualatex, Sempertex, Amscan, Gemar, Grabo, Oaktree, and more.

Invest in your professional growth through specialised balloon décor classes and balloon business education. Explore all your balloon training options with our online balloon classes offered by our renowned, trademarked  balloon training academy. Take advantage of our free trial balloon training to experience first-hand the value and expertise that our balloon academy provides. Boost your skills and knowledge to elevate your balloon business to new heights.

You will learn everything you need to know on this exciting balloon training journey to help you become an accomplished balloon artist, including: Organics, Balloon Backdrops, Gift in a Balloon, Balloon Décor, Event Styling, Balloon Arches, Balloon Garlands, Number Stacks, balloon gas (helium), and so much more. But as well as this, our business building side will give you all the tools you need to market, promote and grow your balloon business.

Statistics show that the failure rate for new business setups in the first year is alarmingly high, reaching up to 80%. But by arming yourself with the right training, a solid support system, and a common goal of mutual success, you can become part of the 5% who forge sustainable, successful, and profitable businesses. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to turn your passion for balloons into a thriving business venture.

Relax, you’re in safe hands!!

George Oustayiannis started in the balloon and party industry back in 1987 when it was a fledgling industry and has been instrumental in bringing CE testing and other safety measures to balloons. With a background in City Trading, he created the leading UK Wholesaler, GO International in Stevenage and became a master distributor for leading Manufacturers, alongside producing the GO Party range of essential products to support the balloon and party industry.

As well as being Chairman of the Industry’s Trade Association for 7 Years, George is a Government approved business mentor, a member of ABM (Association of Business Mentors),a member of The Institute of Leadership &  Management, a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and on the advisory board at Hertfordshire University Business School. You’ll gain valuable insights into how to run a successful balloon business and turn your passion into profit. Through his passion of helping people succeed he has used his experience as a Master Life Coach and Industry Mentor to transform businesses into thriving, profitable companies. Well respected in the Industry for his knowledge and contacts, his instincts are second to none.

George’s ethos is to always give more than you hope to receive, and with his business-focused head he can help you take your business to a whole new level.

Balloon training with over 17 years experience Paula Ardron-Gemmell Approved Instructor and Teacher of balloon basics and advanced balloon decor and styling

Paula Ardron-Gemmell created Pink Tree Parties in Preston in 2007 with her best friend, Amanda and has run the high street store and decorating arm of the business alongside her team for over 15 years. In 2017, with encouragement and a big push from George she became an Approved Instructor for the UK Trade Association, NABAS (National Association of Balloon Artists & Suppliers), set up her balloon training arm of Pink Tree and has travelled all over the UK, sharing her extensive knowledge and support to hundreds of balloonies.

Since 2019 she has been the UK Brand Ambassador for GRABO Balloons and has travelled around Europe sharing her love for the balloon industry, most recently in Belgium teaching for Sempertex Europe.

Independent training, covering all manufacturers products and having a portfolio in all balloon décor elements and having a profitable business is something Paula is passionate about, and she will help to show you how it’s done.